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Our DJ's and Master of Ceremonies have the experience to create an atmostphere of sophistication and elegance while setting the mood for a fun and exiting good time.

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Music Video Setup"We had a vision of how we hoped the evening would be.  You brought our vision to life and then some.  You exceeded our expectations... Our night was perfect and all who were there are still raving (adults & children alike).  Thanks!"DJ-booth-with-UplightingHi Izzy. Just wanted to thank you so very much for the terrific job you did at our wedding party!. You really are so engaging and entertaining with a personality to match.UpLighting DJ BoothYou got the entire party hopping by engaging everyone in the games we played and with your assortment of terrific music. You were a terrific sport and most accommodating.



Picnic DJ GamesMaster

We offer DJ's that specialize in Picnic Games, or DJ/GamesMaster Combo

Yes You can hire a DJ and a seperate Games Master, or you can save $ and just hire a digital DJ that can do both, and now with todays modern technology it is becoming more comon, we now can program our system to shuffle though a special custom music list created specificaly for your target audience whyle at the same time organizing and running the Picnic Games and acting as Games master, organizing Contests, and giving out Prizes to the winers, and taking requests betwwen the games and activities, it is the most productive way to run a picnic.

Why is this beter than using a seperate Games Master

There's nothing wrong with Picnic Gamesmasters, but an experienced DJ/MC that specializes in Picnic Games can create a completely different feel to a Picnic, because the DJ/Games master combo can use his Wireless Microphone to Hype and motivate people to join in the activities, wich creates for more participation, more exitement, and a way better show altogether, we even get the adults involved in the picnic games, its fun for the whole family, it is just the most practical and the most effective way to do it, Why do I know this you ask? because I have been working as a DJ Picnic/Games master combination for many years, and there is nothing that can compare to an experienced DJ/MC/ Gamesmaster Combo, it is the best of both worlds, and a picnic experience everyone will enjoy.

We also provide Seperate DJ and seperate GamesMaster if requested

Even though our DJ/GamesMaster can do it all with a DJ/GamesMaster Combo, if you have the budjet and decide for whatever reason you would like to have a seperate person doing the GamesMaster, than doing the DJ we can obviously make it hapen for you, we just give you the option to save money, since we know what a succesful picnic we can create with our DJ/GamesMaster Combo, but

the important thing is to make you happy, so no mater what the request I'm sure we can accomodate.

Click this link to see a promo video of our DJ/GamesMaster in action



Our Needs Are:

Acces to Location 60 Minutes before start. (2) 15Amp 110V Wall Outlet.

Please Note: with special lighting packages 90 Minutes may be needed.




All packages May be customized to meet your specific needs.

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